7 Ways Winter Decor Can Spruce Up Your Deck


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Deck decor – 7 ways winter decor can spruce up your deck

For many the winter season isn’t just about chilly weather and snow, but rather is a festive time for holidays and spending time with loved ones. One way of spreading some cheer, whether holiday related or not, is to update the decor on your deck. After all, the deck or patio that makes your home’s entryway is how your guests will make their first impression. With some thoughtful planning and an eye for detail you can create a beautiful winter decor theme to welcome in friends and family.

Here are 7 decor ideas to consider for your deck this winter season.

The Kebony Christmas Tree by Habitree

Architect and Photo by: Habitree

Whether you celebrate Christmas or you simply enjoy the look of trees, an excellent way of dressing up your porch is to add a Habitree. The Kebony Habitree is an easily replicated modern take on the classic Christmas tree. This tree is made of Kebony wood, which makes it a sustainable, eco-friendly choice. The Habitree would look perfect placed under your covered deck, especially if you add additional decor or ornaments to its shelves.

The overall minimalistic, simple look of the Habitree makes it perfect for Christmas or for decorating throughout fall and winter.

Potted Winter Plants

The reason for homes taking on a more stark, cold look in winter is often due to the fast that many popular plants and shrubs die down during this season. The lack of general greenery and plant life is a bit dreary, but with the help of containers you can get your porch looking more alive.

Your region will have the biggest effect on what plants will survive in winter, so be sure to look this up prior to purchasing. Some common examples are small potted Blue Spruce, small Boxwood hedge, Cypress topiaries, Japanese yew, and some ornamental grasses. Don’t be afraid to look around for fake plants as well. Some of the higher-end fake plants, such as those with silk leaves, are durable and truly look like the real deal.

Holiday Signs

Nothing brings about the spirit of the holidays quite like decorative signs. Now, when it comes to using signs less is more. Multiple signs sitting on your deck can easily begin to look a bit crowded and kitschy rather than feeling like a warm, welcoming home. Stick with one or two holiday signs. Old metal vintage signs are a great idea as they feel a bit more nostalgic.

Remember that even if you don’t celebrate any particular holiday, you can still find signs like the above “Let It Snow” or another classic such as, “Season’s Greetings” or “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”.

Winter Accessories

Sometimes that really make a space feel like yours are the little details you add. Accessories you can place on your deck in winter include ornaments, decorative pinecones, sprigs of holly or mistletoe, or LED candles. If you used the previous idea of the Habitree, these accessories would look beautiful placed upon it. If you don’t, you may still dress up a small table or the windowsill on or around your deck.

Candlelight is particularly festive and beautiful in winter, but please do not burn real candles. Thankfully there are plenty of LED candles that even replicate a flicker that look just like the real thing. You can also replace your deck’s exterior light with a yellow-toned bulb for a warmer look in winter.

Pine Wreaths or Garland

A common site in many towns in winter, during the holiday season, is a wreath upon the door. This is a classic decoration, but one that just looks fantastic despite how common it is. You can either purchase wreaths or create your own. Better yet, you can purchase a plain wreath and then add your own distinct touches to you. A plain garland or wreath will look beautiful when you add a couple vintage ornaments, some tinsel, sprigs of holly, and other decorations. You could even weave a string of battery-powered solar fairy lights through it for a nighttime surprise.

Deck Lighting

Lighting is a very important component of an attractive deck and is just as important in winter. For many winter comes with shorter days and longer nights, which means you’ll be using your outdoor lighting more often. Aside from LED candles as decor and your main exterior light, consider adding additional lighting.

In the US and some other countries it is common to decorate with strings of Christmas lights. This is a beautiful look, but consider more ornamental lighting for your deck. The above example would look stunning on any winter porch, regardless of whether you celebrate holidays or not. Don’t forget that to look into solar-powered and/or LED lighting choices to help with energy costs.
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Patio Furniture Pillows

Photo Credit: www.potterybarn.com

Small decor items like throw pillows are easy but effective ways of changing up the look of a room, and the same goes for your deck. A festive pillow placed upon a bench, chair or other patio seating on your porch looks finished and makes guests feel like they are at home. Similarly to the idea of signs, be careful to not go overboard. If you have one small chair or patio loveseat on your deck, just one or two bold pillows, like the featured one, is all you need.

If your deck is looking a little drab you can instantly liven things up by implementing one or more of the ideas featured. The front exterior of your home is one of the most impactful and spending the time to decorate it beautifully will pay off every time to arrive home to a cheerful scene.